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Last update May 29, 2020

Getting a properly stylish instagram feed is a must for those who wanted to be an influencer, or maybe you are aiming to put ur feed as a little portfolio. well…the key to make an interesting engaging posting with beautiful aesthetic is to find the right tool for editing, having a compelling instagram feed is a mandatory nowadays, it will benefit you in one way or another, from many followers or business offers.

These are some high-top and useful photo editing tools, differs depending on each purpose for you to use.


A well-known VSCO, this apps has a lot of useful features and the most useful ones are the highquality filters. Not only that you could customise and play with contrast, saturation or control the sharpen, tint and temperature level of your photo but also you could magically fix low light or dark shadowy photos into illuminating natural-looking image with VSCO’s exposure tool.

The fact that VSCO is ranked as one of the best photo editing apps and #vscocam is still one of the most-used hastags on instagram, making it easier to share your photography art once you get the desired looking photo.

2. Afterlight

A classic photo editor app with basic tools (brightness, clarity, contrast, exposure, saturation, toning, temperature, grain, vignette, shadows and highlight). It is too simple for your editing needs? well this app also possesses a wide range of filters for you to choose from. Still not impressed?
Afterlight’s Fusion tool is going to impressed you. This Fusion allows user to do mix and match combination between their favorite filters into one blended filter.

How is that for an endless editing game?!

3. Snapseed

A bit similar to VSCO, this app offers the user various kind of unique fade filters and effects but if most photographers use Snapseed for editing ambiance, selective adjust and brush tool, basically this app is an easy photoshop-like which can be use easily in your phone, so you don’t need extra time to transfer photos to and from computer or laptop. Still not satisfy by the result ? Snapseed also have custom filters and editing preferences which can be saved and applied to photos later on therefore, you won’t forget your formula to create your very own signature aesthetic.

This app that made popular and introduced by Google in 2012 is definitely a perfect choice for you who wants it quick and easy but still classy.


Another brilliant tool for every designer or Instagram influencer is CANVA. This Multi purpose apps provides an editing kit to make a neat, legit, eye-catching Instagram stories and posts. Thanks to CANVA’s list of customizable Instagram story templates, now you can create the desirable design with a touch your personal brand’s colors and fonts, either for posting a casual shot or to drive traffic to a website.

Well not only that, CANVA also accommodate your needs for regular Instagram posts. With this easy tool you can edit photos and overlay them with text, graphics and many design elements along with your own logo and fonts. With a help of CANVA, Creating a daily feed or story that engaging followers become so handy.

5. FaceTune

Are you a beauty influencer? or perhaps someone who loves to take a selfie? This app is definitely a “weapon of choice” for you, Facetune is more than just a “pretty app,” it’s specifically designed for editing and perfecting portraits and selfies.

Many of its users using this app to blur out colors and tones that don’t match their Instagram aesthetic, but in general FaceTune has a lot of other features differs from delicate effects (skin smoothing and color correction) to dramatic full-on digital makeover.

Useful Tips : Try to use this app moderately the first time, as it can sprinkled too much “candycoated” into your aesthetic more than you needed.


Cropping and resizing are the app’s bread and butter. If you are into perfection, precision and advanced editing, this app offers tools for manipulating exposure and brightness, tint and warmth, shadows and highlights, contrast, sharpness and saturation, but for those who wants an instant yet proper professional-grade, photographer-inspired filters, this app offers 130 different kinds. Pick one that fits into your aesthetic and you’re ready to post!

7. Enlight Photofox

To those who fancy the art, with Enlight Photofox you can easily transform your photos into art! Comes with an impressive editing tools (brushes, layers, and masks) or using other technique like double exposures, blend in graphic elements, cut and paste one image to another, users definitely going to have a blast creating a fresh new post for their Instagram feed.

8. Camera+

Another cool and very useful app, Camera+ is like a Holy Grail for photographers. Unlike other apps, Camera+ comes with tools such as sensitivity, shutter speed, touch exposure, digital zoom, and various shooting modes that allows user to take best quality pictures. Some basic and useful features like filters and front-facing flash and camera grid also available in this app. Go Mix and Match between the basic and the advanced tools to get the perfect results!

9. Foodie

Just like the name, this app is for user who’s into food galore! The key in taking best food photography are delicious angles plus lighting, and this app has a smart feature which signifies the best perspective and from which to click the shutter. In other words, you can’t go wrong with Foodie. Various kind of filters are tailored to best present the food you are eating, from bright sweet colors deserts to rough gritty meaty dishes. Throw it fresh and direct with the social media sharing button and let your followers join the epicure adventure.

10. A Color Story

A well organized and engaging instagram feed is your what your aiming for? Thanks to This app, which is offering its user to achieve a consistent look across individual posts. You can download the specific filter packs or customize the color palette that perfectly suits your brand color. Another extra point is that Color Story already partners with a lot of instagram influencers who create custom filter and effects that can be accessed in the mobile app or desktop.

So does this lockdown and a long period of quarantine really makes you feel exhausted? Don’t be! make the best out of it, with the apps listed above you are now having the perfect time to manage your feed content creation. Try out some and choose the right app that fits into your needs, just keeping it consistent and interesting if you want to grow your follower count and keep them engaged.

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