13.8 Choosing the Best Instagram Handle for Your Business (Part 2)

Last update Jul 14, 2022

So come up with a handle that can identify your company, your services, and something easy to remember for your followers. That's very important because when you’re promoting, you want that information to be ingrained in your customers’ brains. To make them feel you. So that’s how you should choose your handle.

Let's go to the phone here. Click on “My profile”, which is on the lower right-hand side, and here click on “Edit Profile."

We’re using the bakery as an example for this and the username. Let's see if we have “morninglory_bakery” available. Click "Done."

If your handle isn’t available, you can always add numbers or other words at the beginning or end of the handle. Your decision. It's not easy to find the perfect handle all the time, so the tip is to try and spend at least 5–10 minutes here finding the perfect one, and after that, we can move to the next step, which is the name.

You can already see that we have “Morning Glory Bakery” ready in the name box, so here you’ll add the name of your company or yourself if you’re the brand. Your picture and logo will be the subject of our next lesson, in which we'll discuss how to choose the perfect logo and photo to attract your customers’ attention. Stay tuned!