13.2 Powerful Brands That Are Crushing It on Instagram

Last update Jul 12, 2022

From these five successful brands, we’ll learn how to create your Instagram profile, how to plan content, and how to reach more people from all over the world.


ASOS is one of the biggest British fashion retailers. They use their logo as the profile image.

ASOS’ description in the bio says, “Judgement-free zone." You can create a creative bio and send your message to ensure your audience will take action, whether to start following you or visit your website. And, one thing to take note of: they’re using emojis in the description.

They also feature a link here. We have the option to add our website to our Instagram profile. ASOS has added a link that redirects to a list of links that contains their Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and the website itself, which leads us to their special event date sale. So on this page here, they constantly change the link depending on the campaign they’re having.

2. Mango

Their logo will be recognized immediately. They also feature a hashtag in their bio. They have a verified account with 13.6 million followers. If you compare, Mango has over 5,000 posts here, whereas ASOS has more than 15,000.

This brings us to the second important thing, which is to post often on Instagram.

Back to Mango’s Instagram page. Unlike ASOS, they feature a hashtag and have a call to action saying, “Mention @mango and use #MangoCommunity to be featured.” So if you take a picture and add the hashtag, it will be seen worldwide.

3. Urban Decay Cosmetics

They have 10.7 million followers, a great username, and their logo is also recognizable. Their bio contains some emojis and it says, “Pretty Different Beauty, Cool Not Cruel, Shop #UDNakedMinis”.

Urban Decay shares their vision and mission in its bio, which includes a cause they support as well, “Our products suit everyone since every person’s beauty is different. We’re against animal cruelty, and hey, we have our travel size products now, so grab some!"


They use their logo as their profile picture and often change their logo’s details. Everybody is already familiar with Starbucks’ logo, so they have no problem varying it a little from time to time. Currently, they’re using the official green logo, with 17.8 million people following them. They also use a cup of coffee emoji.

So Instagram did a study that found 50 percent of all the texts on Instagram contain emojis. People can now use emojis to discover new information on Instagram. So people can go to Instagram and search for emojis instead of looking up words like “travel” or “food”.

All these brands use emojis in their descriptions. Starbucks bio says, “Sip into Summer”. They also have a link to their app and a mission; They want to create an emotional connection that resonates with their customers so that they will come back again and again.

For brands like Starbucks, they don’t necessarily require a description. They have millions of followers because people already know who they are. So they can use the space to connect with their customers by sharing their messages. 

5. Mercedes-Benz

They use their famous logo and have a staggering 35.7 million followers. Their message is self-explanatory: “Welcome to the official Instagram page of Mercedes-Benz.” Mostly, they posted pictures of their cars.