13.12 Six Brands That'll Help You When Crafting Your Bio (Part 2)

Last update Jul 29, 2022


They use a lot of emojis and calls to action. The way they're structuring their bio is also really cool. If I click on this handle, @asos_man, I'll be redirected to a different account entirely. You can use this method to link your account to your other services. Another one is @asos_faceandbody, another product line, and here they have the website, forwarding us to the ASOS for women website, where they offer a sale of up to 70% off. So you see how the promotions work here. These guys are having a lot of calls to action, straight to the point, asking the customers to take action.

4. Urban Decay Cosmetics

They have great username and recognizable logo. In the bio, they’re saying, “Pretty Different Beauty, Cool Not Cruel, Shop #UDNakedMinis”. Urban Decay shares in their bio is their vision & mission. They’re stating that their products suit everyone since every person’s beauty is different, they’re against animal cruelty, and they have their travel size products now so grab some! Urban Decay is using their influence to share a cause they support, to touch their customers’ hearts.

5. Mercedes-Benz

“Welcome to the official Instagram page of Mercedes-Benz.” They're basically just telling the 35.7 million people that this is their official account for the car brand. 

6. Dior

This is not, in my opinion, the best example for your bio. That’s why I’m going to show you how we can improve this. So, here we have Dior, and they’re just stating a quote from its founder and featuring their website as well.

So these are the companies we’ll study in the next lessons. We’ll start writing your bio for Instagram. Are you ready to up your Instagram game?