13.11 Six Brands That'll Help You When Crafting Your Bio (Part 1)

Last update Jul 29, 2022

Let’s analyze these six top brands on Instagram to get some ideas for your own bio. We're here to help you craft a great bio for your company, so we'll look at the elements these people use. We'll also look at how they utilize the various elements we've covered thus far. Among the elements are: the use of emojis, calls to action, adding a website, and creating a bio that resonates with your customers’ value. Also, use hashtags!

So, why is the hashtag(#) important? For people who don’t know already, a hashtag is a specific thing you can use on Instagram to express your feelings or describe what you’re posting. The big advantage is that you can search for these hashtags as we do with emojis.

Now take a look at these bios from these big brand names.

1. Starbucks

Their bio says, “Sip into Summer”. It’s their campaign. See? Everyone already knows that Starbucks is a coffee company, so they don't need to explain what they do to their customers. So what they can do here is share one of their missions or campaigns, right?

2. Mango

They have 13.8 million followers, and their bio says, “MANGO Official Account. Welcome to the home of Mediterranean style and culture. Mention @mango and use #MangoCommunity to be featured. ” So their mission is to share the Mediterranean style and culture through fashion, and this is what they’re sharing on the bio, and, of course, they use a call to action and emojis.

By using the hashtag #MangoCommunity when I submit a photo will allow anyone across the world to search for that hashtag and see how many others have used it in their posts. We can see right now that the hashtag #MangoCommunity has been used by more than 10,000 people on Instagram. This is great to improve your discoverability.